Key Themes

Navigating the future for women in engineering

  • The latest & most significant trends across the profession     
  • Creating an inclusive future and a fairer, more functional workplace     
  • Addressing the skill shortage - hiring and retaining successful engineers 
  • Developing and growing female engineers into the leaders and mentors of the future

Elevating project management in engineering

  • Optimising project controls for success
  • Mastering risk management for optimal outcomes
  • Considering safety culture in projects and operations environments 
  • Identifying and elevating the key project management skills all leaders need to master

Elevating your leadership skills & achieving your career goals

  • Building a successful long-term career in engineering
  • Building an effective engineering leader’s toolbox
  • Leading through technical expertise: balancing technical proficiency with leadership skills

Using technology to make better decisions and create better solutions

  • Analysing the disruptive technologies shaping the engineering landscape     
  • Exploring the impact of automation and AI on the engineering sector     
  • Unleashing digital engineering opportunities for the built environment 
  • Leveraging digital strategies to drive and help deliver corporate plans

Sustainable engineering for a greener future

  • Building sustainability from the start: embracing environmental considerations in the design and development process  
  • Tackling climate change and achieving net zero commitments

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